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5 Most Hated yet followed Pakistani Females.

Whatever you do, you will still be judged by people around you. I have tried to gather a list of 5 most controversial yet most followed females of Pakistan around the world. People hate them, curse them, photoshop their pictures to worse things but still follow them like crazy.

It’s quite stressful knowing that every time you walk out the door, someone is going to be giving you a very good look up and down, judging everything you wear. “Emma Watson”

Qandeel Baloch

Everyone is hating her for no reason and most of People cursing her, on her social media pages with a reason she is giving a bad name to Pakistan. 90% of them have seen and done a strip show already. If you hate someone please stop following and stop judging that person.

[URIS id=5269]  

Rehaam khan

She got married to one of the most famous and handsome person in Pakistan Imran Khan. Anti Imran Khan people started ruining her image and Imran khan supporters were in favor of her. As soon as she got separated from Imran Khan, everyone started hating her? LOL? We need to start respecting women for the reason of them been a Women, not to whom they are married.

[URIS id=5280]



People hate her like anything. Making fun of her English? How Sad is that? And several other reasons including her Nude MMS. When Kim releases her Clip, Most of us liked it and even shared it? and we still watch her family show, which is itself a nude show. Let’s start respecting our Women and let them live and let them realize their own mistakes. We can’t judge and change someone.

[URIS id=5279]


Veena Malik

[URIS id=5288]



[URIS id=5290]

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