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Enjoy Latest Bollywood Hindi Full Movies Super hit children’s Comedy Adventure movie SULTAN in Kuk Doo Koo is a latest dubbed Hindi version of Superhit South Film Kuk Doo Koo ( Cock A Doodle Doo )
Starring : Chetan Hansraj, Laxmi Aishwarya, Aditya Gupte, Leela Mishra, Paintal, T.P.Jain, Ravi Baswani, Harindranath Chattopadhya, Agha, Farita Boyce, Suresh Chatwal, Subrato Mahapatra, Sudhir Pande, Kishor Bhatt and Surya Kanal
Director : Parvati Menon
Story : Parvati Menon
Screenplay : Parvati Menon
Music Director : Usha Khanna
Lyrics : Yogesh
Producer : Children”s Film Society India ( CFSI )
National Centre Of Films For Children and Young People
Synopsis : Chetan Hansraj had a pet rooster called Sultan. He was very attached to his pet rooster Sultan. One Morning he was saddened to suddenly find that Sultan was not in the backyard. When a village boy Chetan Hansraj goes to the market to buy a new rooster he is cheated by the shopkeeper who hands him a puppy instead. Later when all pleas to correct this cheating fall on deaf ears the boy and his grandmother decide to expose the swindler on their own not realizing that he is an experienced hand. Expectedly their plans misfire. A confused constable adds to their problem. But unwilling to give up the two gather their wits to catch the cheat. In a funny delightful way the film tells us that everyone even kids and old ones should fight injustice even when the odds are heavily stacked against them. Watch full movie to find out whether Chetan Hansraj will get his favourite Sultan back or not.
Dedicated To The Bird Which Wakes Up The World
Director’s Biography : Parvati Menon
After completing a degree in Law Parvati Menon decided to make her career in films instead and became one of the first students at the newly instituted FTII in the 1960s. A prolific director Parvati’s main concern in cinema has been children. She has taught, researched and written about cinema while also writing, directing and producing many feature, documentary and short films. She has served as jury for many film festivals worldwide.

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