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Enjoy Latest Hollywood Hindi Full Movies Super hit children’s Great Dog Comedy Adventure movie Vampire Dog is a latest dubbed Hindi version of Superhit Hollywood English Film Vampire Dog
Starring : Norm MacDonald, Collin MacKechnie, Julia Sarah Stone, Amy Matysio, Ron Pederson, Jodi Sadowsky, Kimberly Elek, Lauren Laschuk, Dylan Sthamann, Mark D. Claxton, Alan Bratt, Doug Leaf, Darla Biccum, Myeva Surjik, Margo Regan, Cavan Cunningham, Dan Willows, Louise Handford, Bill Gardiner, Spike, Mikha and Derek J. Finnik
Director : Geoff Anderson
Writer : Tracy McMenemy
Music Director : Ben Lumsden
Producer : Holly Baird, Tim Brown and Shayne Putzlocher
Production Companies : Joker Films and Trilight Entertainment
Synopsis : In Transylvania a woman in her kitchen cooks a jelly pudding. When she leaves the kitchen a dog suddenly appears from nowhere and eats the pudding. The woman witnesses the dog suddenly disappear. Back at home the dog’s owner questions who should look after the pet after his death. In Lugosi County somewhere in North America twelve year old Ace and his mother Susan arrive at their new home. Ace plays drums well but suffers from stage fright. Susan gets work as an additional music teacher at the local high school which will be closing after the current year. Though the current music teacher discourages students and doubts their skills, Susan thinks the right approach will help the kids. She involves the school in a talent show which if they win will save the school from closure. The current music teacher assigns Ace to play drums but Ace panics and falls off his stool. This is recorded by the other students since Ace is also the son of the new teacher he is teased and ostracized. Skylar befriends Ace though she tries to hide it from the other students. Susan gets a letter from a notary the father of her late husband has died and Ace has inherited his old dog Fang. Later a trunk is delivered inside is apparently a regular dog. A television program shows an interview regarding a woman from Transylvania and the incident with the dog. Doctor Warhol sees the show and is now sure the legend of the vampire dog is true. Warhol is sure the DNA of the vampire dog will lead to a solution to create a cream which will stop aging of human skin. She orders her assistant Frank to search for the vampire dog. Next day Fang is outside tied onto a long string. When Ace arrives from school Fang is hiding in the shade under the deck. Once inside Fang starts talking and blames Ace for putting him in the sun as he is allergic to sunlight. Ace faints and Fang drags him to the couch. After Ace awakens Fang explains that he is a 600 year old vampire dog living on jelly pudding. Besides talking Fang can hypnotize and can run at almost the speed of light. Ace forbids Fang to tell his mother she might faint and hurt herself. Ace decides not to tell his mother the dog needs jelly pudding to survive so he smuggles Fang to school each day so the dog can seek pudding in the school”s kitchen and cafetaria. Meanwhile Skylar knows the truth about Fang. Fang tells her he turned into a vampire dog 600 years ago when a certain count Vlad tried to attack the great great great great parents of Ace. Fang attacked the vampire but was bitten. As he became immortal the dog stays with the family. After becoming a vampire Fang ate mostly horse hoofs until discovering jelly pudding. Skylar a genius in chemistry knows the reason jelly pudding contains gelatin which contains collagen which for Fang is a substitute for haemoglobin. Skylar wonders if she can find a way for Fang to walk in the sunlight. Doctor Warhol and Frank have attempted to kidnap the dog and failed. They then scheme to buy up all the gelatin in town to lure the dog but fail again. Not much later Fang is found by the school caretaker and brought to a pet shelter. Ace is grounded by his mother for taking the dog to school and refused to get his dog back because she see her son as an embarrassment and tries to save her career. Despite being grounded Ace and Skylar visit the pet shelter to save Fang from another kidnap attempt by Warhol and Frank. The talent show takes place that evening. Susan’s class performance is stopped by Principal Hickman exposing that the drummer is using a drum computer to cheat. The principal and drummer were bribed by Warhol to doom the school so she can build her chemical company on the land. The contest jury rules that the group can continue if another drummer can be found. Ace appears and plays drums without his stage fright. His school wins and is saved. Susan is proud of her son. The corrupt principal is fired while the former drummer is assigned to the instrument triangle instead of drums. Ace becomes a very popular boy. Skylar finds out Fang only needs to take some drug against sun allergy. Warhol and Frank are arrested by police and declared lunatics after they claim Fang is a vampire dog.

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