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I Am Kalam

Superhit Hindi Movie I Am Kalam (2011)

Synopsis: Chhotu is an intelligent boy who belongs to a poor family in Rajasthan. Born into poverty, he is forced to find work at a roadside food stall under the somewhat kind owner, Bhati. Chhotu is quick to learn and impresses Bhati with his abilities. Near the food stall is a heritage hotel in the palace of an erstwhile royal family. Chhotu strikes up a friendship with the lonely Prince of the royal family, but the Prince is forbidden by his father from mixing with commoners . One day Chhotu watches President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on television and it inspires him. Chhotu changes his name to Kalam and decides he wants to meet the president. He studies in his spare time and writes a speech for the Prince for a contest. The speech wins first prize at the contest, but soon after palace guards search Kalam’s room and find the Prince’s clothes. Kalam is labeled a thief and the rest of the story deals with how his actions lead to his destiny. Even though Kalam is accused of being a thief, he does not reveal the source of his clothes in order to protect the Prince from his father. Kalam hitches a ride to New Delhi where he tries to meet the President. Meanwhile, the Prince tells his father that it was he who gave the clothes to Kalam and that Kalam wrote the speech which earned first prize. The nominal King realizes his mistake and sends the prince to find Kalam in New Delhi. Kalam is found near the India Gate and is brought back home. The King tells him that he can study in the same school as the Prince and employs Kalam’s mother as well.

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