Anjane Mein l Asha Sachdev, Neetu Singh, Ranjeet, Rishi Kapoor l 1978

Manoharlal ( Satyen Kappu) and his wife Shanti (Nirupa Roy) lose their son Raja (Raju) when the train they were travelling in meets with an accident. Raja is rescued by an elephant and taken to a circus. Raja is brought up in the circus along with Rani, the daughter of the circus owner. Raja (Rishi Kapoor) and Rani (Neetu Singh) persented different events. A girl named Rita (Asha Sachdev) tries to atracts Raja but fails. Rita takes the help of Ranjeet (Ranjeet) to kidnap Raja. But in an accident Raja loses his memory and becomes Shankar. He steals a diamond taj from gulab mahal for Ranjeet and Manoharlal is arrested. Ranjeet tries to kill Raja but again in an accident he regains his memory and teaches Ranjeet a lesson. He gets reunited with his parents.

Movie :- ANJANE MEIN 1978
PRODUCER :- I. A. Nadiadwala
DIRECTOR :- Samir Ganguly
CAST :- Asha Sachdev, Neetu Singh, Ranjeet, Rishi Kapoor, Anwar Husain, Jagdeep, Master Rajoo, Master Saka, Niroopa Roy, Ramesh Deo, Ranveer Raj, Satyan Kapoo & Sudhir

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