Anpadh – Full HD Hindi Movie | Ashok Kumar | Zarina Wahab | Deven Verma | Aruna Irani

Kindly Dr. Gupta (Ashok Kumar) is preparing to retire, and hopes to marry his daughter Jyoti (Zarina Wahab) to his associate Dr. Anand (Parikshit Sahani). Anand does not have time to romance, or assist Dr. Gupta on his large egg farm, so he hires a college friend as property manager, Mukesh (Vijayendra). Jyoti is entranced by Mukesh, and against her fathers wishes decides to marry him. Mukesh has his eyes set on the good life, but unknown to Jyoti he is already married to Geeta (Sarika), whom he abandoned with a child when he found out she was Anpadh (illiterate). Dr. Gupta has an accident one night, injuring a woman named Geeta and brings her home to recuperate. He teaches her how to mingle with high society, dress and eat properly, and ensures the education of her son. In return for his decency and compassion, Jyoti prepares to marry Dr. Gupta. When her father arrives for the festivities, he recognizes Mukesh. Wri

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