Anth 1994 – Action Movie | Sunil Shetty, Alok Nath, Deepak Shirke, Mohan Joshi.

Director: Sanjay Khanna
Producer: Ashok Honda
Music: Anand-Milind
Main Cast: Sunil Shetty, Alok Nath, Deepak Shirke, Mohan Joshi.
Genre: Action
Release: Jun 10, 1994

Synopsis: Principal Satyaprakash (Alok Nath) is a decent middle-class man who manages a co-ed college. He witnesses his daughter, Pooja, being molested by Kali (Makrand Despande), the son of gangster Dabla (Paresh Rawal), objects to this behavior, but is silenced by Dabla. Pooja is in love with a young man named Raja. One day Pooja is sexually assaulted by Kali and a group of his friends, who then throw her to death from the roof of an under-construction building. Raja witnesses this, and reports this to the police. Inspector Shirke (Deepak Shirke) instead charges Raja for this crime. Pooja’s brother, Vijay (Suneil Shetty), finds out and attempts to try and put a stop to this injustice. Shortly thereafter Raja is killed, and Vijay is charged for killing him and held in a cell. The charge against Vijay is that he killed Raja out of anger for molesting his sister, a charge that may carry the death sentence.

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