Apne Apne (1987) Full Hindi Movie | Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Rekha, Karan Shah, Mandakini

Ravi Kapoor is a multimillionaire, who lives with his mother and runs a construction business, his mother wants to make his marriage with a foreign returned girl Seema who also comes from another wealthy family. But Ravi is already in love with a poor orphan girl Sharda. Ravi introduces her to his mother but she instantly disapproves her, so Ravi doesn’t have any other choice except to leave the house and marry Sharda. After sometime Sharda becomes pregnant, Ravi’s mother also relents and changes her mind and welcomes them back to home. But things get changed when Sharda meets with an accident, has a miscarriage and told that she will never able conceive again. So she decides to get rid off from Ravi’s life because he is fond of children. After Sharda is disappeared Ravi’s mother forces him to marry Seema, finally he aggress and remarries her and soon she gives birth to a boy named Vijay.
Years later Vijay grows up as spoiled child acquiring a lot of bad habits such as alcohol, womanizing etc. One day Ravi meets Sharda accidentally who is running Ashram named Shanti Dham. Once in physical altercations, Vijay makes revelry with of underworld powerful Don Samrat and he wants to kill him. To protect Vijay, Ravi hides him in Shanti Dham Ashram, there with Sharda association, Vijay completely changes his lifestyle, leaves all his bad habits and also falls in love with a beautiful girl Ila who was brought up by Sharda. Seema told about she gets enraged on Ravi especially knowing that Sharda is still alive. She reaches Shanti Dham Ashram to get back her son at the same time Samrat attacks on them, finally, Sharda sacrifices her life to protect Vijay by uniting Ravi with his family.

Movie:- Apne Apne (1987)
Starcast:- Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Rekha, Karan Shah, Mandakini, Kader Khan
Directed by:- Ramesh Behl
Produced by:- Ramesh Behl
Music by:- R.D. Burman


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