Armaan l Deepak Parashar, Raj Babbar, Ranjeeta l 1981

Deepak Parashar plays a freedom fighter, Raj Babbar a bar owner, Ranjeeta Kaur the shared love interest, Shammi Kapoor the bar piano player and Shakti Kapoor the freeloading Portuguese Captain Gomes. Starts off in Dharampur, then migrates to Goa which is then under Portuguese occupation. The banter between Shammi Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor, referring to Captain Gomes as HK – Holy King to his face, Haram Khor (freeloader) behind his back, lends a comedic touch.

Movie :- ARMAN 1981
PRODUCER :- Anand Sagar
DIRECTOR :- Anand Sagar
CAST :- Deepak Parashar, Raj Babbar, Ranjeeta & Shakti Kapoor

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