Arpan (1983) Full Hindi Movie | Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Raj Babbar, Parveen Babi

The movie story deals with Anil and Shobha both are in love and are about to get married. Anil goes abroad for a while. He returns after one year and finds that Shobha has married a rich man, JK. He is unaware that Shobha has done this to save the life of his sister, Vinnie. Vinnie was about to become a mother before marriage. She had only one choice of saving Vinnie’s life, it was to marry JK. Only then he would release Vinnie’s love, Rakesh. He actually wanted to marry Shobha because he wanted to embarrass her in front of everyone because she had embarrassed him in front of his office people. So, Shobha convinces Anil’s mother to let Vinnie marry the one she loves. But Anil thinks that she got married to JK because he is a rich man. Anil takes a trip somewhere else to forget her. There, he falls in love with a girl named Sona. Meanwhile, JK keeps embarrassing Shobha every time. When JK subsequently gets to know that he might die due to too much intake of alcohol, he grows nice with Shobha, and soon they fall in love. Anil gets married to Sona while JK dies. Anil thinks its Shobha’s punishment of what she did that killed JK. But then Anil comes to know the truth and visits her. She is pregnant with JK’s baby. One day Anil meets her in the hospital but Sona sees them and she misunderstands their relation. She has a car accident and is soon admitted in the hospital. The doctor says that she is all right but she cannot have a baby. That night Anil tells the truth about Shobha to his mother and Sona. Suddenly Shobha appears she gives her own baby to Sona. She says that it is her all fault that Sona couldn’t have a baby. Shobha had consumed a bottle of poison before coming to Anil’s house. She is soon dead.

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