Arzoo With English Subtitles 1965 – Social Movie | Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana, Feroz Khan, Dhumal.

Director: Ramanand Sagar
Producer: Ramanand Sagar
Main Cast: Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana, Feroz Khan, Dhumal.
Genre: Social
Banner: Sagar Art Corp.
Release: 1965

Synopsis: Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) is a skiing champion. He meets Usha (Sadhana) on his holidays at Jammu and Kashmir. Then they both fall in love. One day, Usha tells Gopal that she does not like the disabled. After spending his holidays in Kashmir and promising Usha that he will marry her, he heads back to Delhi, where his parents and a sister, Sarla, live. Along the way, he loses his a leg in a car accident.Gopal becomes worried. He thinks Usha will not accept him as he is now disabled. Then he goes back to Delhi and he does not tell anything about Usha. In the meantime, Usha tries a lot to find him, but after having no sign of him, she begins to think that Gopal is dead.Gopal’s best friend, Ramesh (Feroz Khan), wants to marry Usha. After saying “no” several times, at Usha’s parent’s accepts on her behalf and Usha dutifully agrees to the marriage as well. But on the day of her wedding, something happens and Usha finds out that Gopal is in fact alive. Then this situation forms the climax of the movie.

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