Baaghi A Rebel for Love 1990 – Action Movie | Salim Khan, Salman Khan, Nagma, Mohnish Behl.

Director: Deepak Shivdadsani
Producer: Nitin Manmohan
Music: Shitala Pandey, Anand Chitragupth, Milind Chitragupth
Main Cast: Salim Khan, Salman Khan, Nagma, Mohnish Behl.
Genre: Action
Release: Dec 21, 1990

Synopsis: The men in the Sood family have always been in Army. Col.Sood now wants his his son Sajan (Salman) to follow his family tradition. Sajan who is not interested in Army is afraid to tell his father about this. His mother Vandana (Beena) also couldn’t support him much. He is given a 48 hours ultimatum to fill the Army entrance form. He with his few college friends visit a brothel just to have a good time. There, he meet Para (Nagma), and fell in love with her at first sight. He learn that Paro’s actual name is Kajal, and she was pushed into prostitution. Sajan then tries to take her away from her dreary world. Little does Sajan know that in her way there are people like Jaggu(Mohnish Behl), Paro’s pimp and Dhanraj(Shakti Kapoor), their boss. Will Sajan succeed in rescuing Kajal from the precarious situation?

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