Baarish 1993 – Dramatic Movie | Girija Shankar, Maruti, Rahul Roy, Dinesh Hingoo.

Director: Narendra Grewal
Producer: Rajendra Rubal
Music: Anand-Milind
Main Cast: Girija Shankar, Maruti, Rahul Roy, Dinesh Hingoo.
Genre: Drama
Release: 1993

Synopsis: There was a girl named Mona (Sheeba). She was an oprhan, as her father and mother died in her childhood. Their Munim / Manager brought up her. She called him Uncle (sadashiv). She was very rich and arrogant girl. She was studying in a college. There was another boy in the same college named Raja (Rahul Roy). He also had a garage. He was from a very poor background. He loved Mona but from the very begining Mona didn’t love Raja. Initially, she did flirt with him but afterwards she fell in love with Raja. There was also Ravi in the picture. He is the son of the Munim uncle. He returned from abroad. He also loved and coveted mona. Ravi wanted to be a Police Officer. Mona’s uncle did not want Raja as a husband of Mona. That’s why he made a plan. There was a person who had only one leg. He worked for Munim Uncle. He was a criminal. Uncle told her to do something to break the relationship betweeen Raja and Mona. The handicapped person fixed a girl named Maria for this work. He told Maria to create a scene with Raja such as Raja raped Maria and after that tell Mona. Then she will believe her and the relation will break up forever. After this incident Raja gets arrested and was sent to jail by the Judge. On his return he saw that his garage is occupied by Gora. Gora was a criminal and worked for Mona’s uncle and the handicapped person also. Raja also saw gora torture his friend. One day Maria was trying to run away as some criminal was after her. Raja appeared in the scene and saved her from the goons. Then maria confessed everything to Raja and Mona, too. Mona gets murdered by someone. But at that time murderer was not caught and before this ravi tried to murder Maria but didnt. By that time, Ravi had become a Police Officer. After murder of Maria, he arrested Raja. Mona gave bail for Raja. Then Ravi was very much hurt and met with an accident with his car and died at the spot. Then his father kidnapped Mona and Raja also. He tried to get her signature for her huge property. Raja fought with the criminals and saved Mona and her property from her scheming Uncle.

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