Bandh Darwaza (1990) Full Hindi Movie | Manjeet Kullar, Kunika, Aruna Irani, Hashmat Khan

The Movie Story opens in the ruins of Kali Pahari (Black Hills, a decrepit complex of caves), and introduces the vampire Neola.Neola, a Dracula-like vampire, sleeps in a coffin by day, and transforms into a bat at night to hunt humans from the neighbouring villages. He craves a steady supply of human blood, and a supply of fresh young women (so he may seduce them and spread his evil seed). Neola is assisted by a ragtag bunch of servants who lure innocent humans (mostly women) to Kali Pahari so Neola may easily prey on them. His servants include Mahua (a witch-woman), Mahaguru an evil priest), a tantrik evil wizard) and various other henchmen that provide muscle for his evil deeds.
Mahua is employed as a maid in the household of a righteous Thakur (baron) Pratap. The Thakur spots her speaking with Baku one evening. Knowing of Baku’s association with the evils of Kali Pahari, the Thakur threatens to fire Mahua if she is ever caught with any of the gang again. Mahua, however, is under orders to source a new maiden for Neola.

Movie:- Bandh Darwaza
StarCast:- Manjeet Kullar, Kunika, Aruna Irani, Hashmat Khan, Chetana Das
Directed By:- Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay
Music By:- Anand-Milind

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