Dabbangg IPS (2015) – Hindi Full Dubbed Movie | Vijay | Hindi Movies 2015 Full Movie

Shankar Prasad (Vijay) is a tough cop who is on a mission to eradicate all the social evils around him. His unique style is to kill his enemies out rightly in encounters which irks most of the corrupt politicians and cops. He gets dismissed and transferred several times but does not get deterred in completion of his mission. Shilpa (Catherine) is a wannabe beauty contestant winner who dreams of winning the Miss India title. She comes across with the top business tycoon Saklej’s son who assaults her and even makes an acid attack on her. Shankar is on a mission to hunt this criminal even as he develops a love feeling towards her.

Movie Title – Dabangg IPS – Hindi Dubbed Movies 2015 Full Movie | HIndi Dubbed FIlms 2015
Starring – Duniya Vija, Catherine, Ragini

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