Dilwala Khiladi (2018) Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movie | Jr NTR, Mohanlal, Samantha

Sathyam is a small workshop owner in a village. His brother Shiva works in Hyderabad and opens a workshop for Sathyam there. The brothers and their faithful allies run the garage happily as Janatha Garage.
One day, a poor man who is a friend of Sathyam loses his collegegoing daughter in a road accident. Sathyam and his friends get to know she was raped and killed by some goons. They ask Shiva’s friend DSP Chandrashekar’s help, but he is helpless as there is no proper evidence against them and also they are highly influential. Then Janatha Garage becomes a self-appointed group of citizens led by Sathyam who undertake law enforcement by killing the goons and making it look like an accident. Chandrasekhar becomes aware of this and warns against taking law in their hands as he is worried about the consequences.
Janatha Garage becomes popular among the local people as they believe that they’ll get justice from them. Shiva gets married to a Mumbai-based guy Suresh’s sister, and they have a son Anand. One day Mukesh, a powerful business magnate with lot of criminal dealings and who was also the brother of a goon who was killed by Sathyam, visits and warns him. A few days later, Shiva and his wife get ambushed by Mukesh’s men, and both are killed. Sathyam, fearing for Anand’s safety, asks Suresh to take him away from Janatha Garage.

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