Elaan 1994 – Action Movie | Akshay Kumar, Amrish Puri, Dalip Tahil, Deven Verma.

Director: Guddu Dhanoa
Producer: Raju Narula
Music: Shyam Surendar
Main Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amrish Puri, Dalip Tahil, Deven Verma.
Genre: Action
Release: Jan 21, 1994

Synopsis: Vishal Chaudhry (Akshay Kumar) is the second son of Assistant Police Commissioner of Police, Ramakant Chaudhry (Amrish Puri). His eldest son, Vikas (Satish Kaul), was killed by unknown elements, who are still at large. Ramakant is honest and dedicated, and in a corrupt city, is considered a major liability. Vishal is hot-tempered, and this often leads him into fist fights. When Vishal witnesses a murder, and is able to identify the killer, the son of a prominent and well-known person, his father disbelieves his son, and is reluctant to arrest the culprit. He does reconsider, and goes ahead with the arrest, only to have his wife, Parvati (Farida Jalal), abducted and released – with a time-bomb tied to her waist. Vishal and Ramakant must now decide whether to save their mother and wife respectively, or to compromise with the killer, his father, and corrupt elements within the police force itself.

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