Gaddaar 1973 – Action Movie | Vinod Khanna, Yogita Bali, Ranjeet.

Director: Harmesh Malhotra
Producer: Harmesh Malhotra
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Vinod Khanna, Yogita Bali, Ranjeet.
Genre: Action
Release: 1973

Synopsis: Led by B.K. (Pran), a gang of people, including, Professor (Iftekhar), Kanhaiya (Madan Puri), Mohan (Manmohan), Sampat (Anwar Hussain), John (Ram Mohan) and Babu (Ranjeet), robs a safe from His Highness (Ajit)’s palace. After the robbery, everyone is waiting at their hideout, for Kanhaiya who was entrusted with the cash, to show up, so that they can divide the loot. When Kanhaiya doesnt show up, they start searching for him and bumps into another thief Raja (Vinod Khanna), who seems to know a lot about their robbery. Raja joins this gang and they embark their search of locating Kanhaiya. Finally after a long search, they come acorss Kanhaiya, who is now running a hotel in a remote tourist place, with his daughter Reshma (Yogeeta Bali) and a young son. Will these group of robbers finally get their share of money?

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