Gangster – The Don Returns (2015) – Dubbed Hindi Movies 2015 Full Movie | Duniya Vijay, Samantha

Krishamurthy alias Kitty (Duniya Vijay) is a gym trainer, who is happy leading life with his mother (Roopa Devi). His aim is to win the Mr India title and Naidu (Rangayana Raghu) is sponsoring him by bearing all his expenses. Don Poojari heads a gang and operates from Dubai, whose men are assassinated by another gang Z. Samantha (Pranitha) comes in between and falls for Kitty. Kitty has a hidden face or horror which is kept secret from the outside world. Meanwhile, the cops are waiting for the arrival of Ravi Poojari after his brother was killed by Z gang. Later it is all about the battle between the two gangs to rule the underworld.

The movie starts off in style. Former DGP (Devaraj), who is being criticized for his controversial book ‘Jarasandha’- which demands a drastic change in our judicial system – narrates a story from the book.

Critics say, Jarasandha is technically excellent. But lacks good narration and screenplay.

Starring – Duniya Vijay, Pranitha, Rangayana Raghu, Devaraj, Roopa Devi, Swayamvara Chandru, Chetan, Naveen D. Padil

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