Gauri (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Sunil Dutt – Nutan – 60’s Popular Movies

An orphaned Sanjeev lives with his paternal uncle, Maniram, who offers to look after him on the condition that a contested Last Will and Testament will benefit him. When the Court rules otherwise, Maniram stops with his support for Sanjeev, who then borrows money from his close friend, Sunil, to complete his education. Maniram arranges for Sanjeev’s marriage with a young woman named Gauri, the only daughter of millionaire Ram Prasad. Sanjeev and Gauri get married. However, Sanjeev leaves Gauri after learning that she is blind. On Maniram’s request Sunil tries to convince Sanjeev to return to his wife. During a hunting trip, Sunil and Sanjeev are attacked by an enraged elephant and Sanjeev is thrown off a cliff. Will Sanjeev survive? Find out what happens between Sunil and Gauri after Sanjeev’s disappearance.

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