Gumnaam 1965 – Suspense Movie | Manoj Kumar, Nanda, Pran, Helen.

Director: Raja Navathe
Producer: N. N. Sippy
Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Main Cast: Manoj Kumar, Nanda, Pran, Helen.
Genre: Suspense
Banner: Prithvi Pictures
Release: 1965

Synopsis: Seven people get selected in a lucky draw for a trip abroad. They all plan to go on the trip. Unfortunately, their plane makes an emergency landing on a lonely island. As soon as these seven people including Anand (Manoj Kumar) get down the plane flies away. They find shelter in a mansion where they find Butter (Mehmood) who mysteriously seems to be waiting for every one of them. Among them are,Asha (Nanda) who’s uncle Sohanlal was brutaly killed by his business partners (Khanna and Madanlal ). Soon, one of the seven travellers, Mr Kishan (Manmohan) is found dead. They find a letter along with his body and a photograph, which points towards another traveller, Dharamdar (Dhumal) being the killer. But in no time, they find Dharamdas dead in the courtyard. Only five people- three men and two women-are now alive. They start blaming each other when they find doctor Acharya (Madan Puri) stabbed at the back. Now the foursome left alive and scared are, Rakesh (Pran), Kitty (Helen), Asha and Anand. Rakesh makes Kitty and Asha believe that Anand is the man behind the murders. But no sooner, Kitty followed by Rakesh are murdered too. Anand is missing when the murdered attacks Asha, who then carries her to his ‘Adda” where he masks himself. The murderer is non other than Madusudan Sharma, aka Madanlal, who had killed her uncle, and later his other partner.The plan was to kill her and take over the business empire. Finally he gets caught by Anand who is an under cover policeman. Anand and Asha, now in love, escape by flight from the ill fated island to live happily ever after.

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