Hatya 1988 – Action Movie | Govinda, Neelam, Raj Kiran, Anupam Kher.

Director: Kirti Kumar
Producer: Kirti Kumar
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast: Govinda, Neelam, Raj Kiran, Anupam Kher.
Genre: Action
Release: Jun 03, 1988

Synopsis: Govinda stars as Sagar, a wealthy but idle young man. Following a night of consuming much alcohol he finds a homeless and parentless young boy. He takes the boy home and learns that he is deaf and attempts to nurture him and names him Raja. He tries to get information out of him but does not understand anything. Raja’s mother has been brutally murdered (by Anupam Kher and his secretary). Sagar takes Raja out to fairs and adventures and Raja sees the secretary and tries to tell Sagar that he is the one who murdered his mother. Slowly Sagar understands the tale of the story. He meets a girl Neelam and becomes friends. She takes them to her house. Raja sees a picture of Neelam her father and shockingly his mother. Sagar wants to unfold the mystery of Raja’s incident. He finds out that Raja’s mother has been murdered. As he is looking for clues, he gets arrested. To prove his innocence the boy takes them to his house where there was a happy family. They take a sniffer dog to find out clues. The dog sniffs the floor outside the house. the men dug it and found a piece of cloth which his mother was wrapped in and buried there.

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