Inteqam – Action Movie | Manoj Bajpai, Sharat Saxena, Dilip Parekh, Firoz.

Director:Pankuj Parashar
Producer:Pankuj Parashar
Main Cast:Manoj Bajpai, Sharat Saxena, Dilip Parekh, Firoz.

Synopsis: A.C.P. Uday Dhirendra Singh Thakur (Manoj Bajpai) is a very strict cop, who knows how to do his job perfectly, even at the cost of brickbats from everywhere for killing criminals ruthlessly. One day, he is assigned a murder case, the person in case is Aditya Grewal, who was murdered in a party which he himself had hosted for Avantika Suryavansh (Ishaa Koppikar), his friend and business colleague. After a little bit of initial formal investigation, Uday suspects Avantika who is very calm and unaffected by this entire episode. Dr. Mehek (Nethra Raghuraman) is Uday’s counsellor who helps him in calming down him temper. After a series of deaths, Uday’s suspect gets only stronger. However, Avantika invites Uday one day in a strange mind game, which not only leaves Uday even more bewildered, but creates an entire estranged from his duty.

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