Jab Jab Phool Khile – Full HD Hindi Movie | Shashi Kapoor | Nanda | Tun Tun

Rita Khanna (Nanda), only daughter and an heiress of Raj Bahadur Chunnilal goes to Kashmir for a holiday along with her maid Stella (Shammi). There she rents a houseboat and becomes friendly with owner of that houseboat Raja (Shashi Kapoor). Raja was an innocent and romantic village guy who lives along with his younger sister Munni. After some misunderstandings, they grow friendly and Raja falls in love with Rita. Before starting back Rita promises Raja that she would come back the following year.

Hear at her home, her father wants her to marry Kishore but Rita keeps on postponing her decision. She goes to kashmir the following year as promised, but Kishore comes along with her causing Raja trouble. Finally Raja professes his love and asks her to marry him. She chooses Raja over Kishore and brings him to her dad.

Raj Bahadur doesn’t want his daughter to marry Raja and tries to reason with her but fails. At last he tells his daughter that Raja was of completely different background and can’t adjust to their ways. Rita asks Raja to change his appearance and habits and Raja agrees. After a makeover, Raj Bahadur throws a party to introduce Raja to everyone. There Raja couldn’t bear watching Rita dancing with other men. It leads to a quarrel between them and Raja leaves her house saying that he couldn’t adjust to her culture.

Rita feels bad that Raja left just because of a minor fight. Then she overhears her father saying that he planned everything to separate them and he knows way before that Raja couldn’t tolerate Rita dancing with other men. Rita understands that she unnecessarily fought with Raja and decides to move to kashmir with him. She goes to railway station and requests Raja to take her with him. Movie ends with Raja pulling Rita into a moving train and both embrace happily.

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