Jo Bole So Nihaal | Action Movie| Sunny Deol, Kamal Khan, Shilpi Sharma, Nupur

Director:Rahul Rawail
Producer:N. R. Pachisia
Music:Anand Raj Anand
Main Cast:Sunny Deol, Kamal Khan, Shilpi Sharma, Nupur.
Release:May 13, 2005

Synopsis: The movie is about a sardar indian police officer, Nihaal Singh (Sunny Doel) and a terrorist Romeo (Kamaal Khan). Romeo was a witty and shrewd terrorist who had a distinct habit of going to church each Sunday for confession of the crime he would do in the whole day. Once Romeo escaped from Nihal Singh’s hand taking advantage of his simplicity and kindness. Nihaal was held responsible and was named a traitor. To remove the curse of a traitor Nihaal Singhs comes to catch Romeo in New York alongwith the FBI agent who had come to India to know about Romeo. A lot of tussles goes on between the FBI agent and the non english speaking Nihaal on the issue of Romeo’s custody in New York. Romeo lived in New York with a new identity Sikander. During the whole fight Nihaal falls in love with Suzane (Shilpi) an FBI agent.However later it surfaces that these FBI agents are not FBI agents but a gang of conspirators who want to kill the President of US. After a series of fight scenes, Nihaal succeeds in taking Romeo with him to India.

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