Kaaboo 2002 – Action, Drama, Romance | Malini Kapoor, Alok Nath, Faizal Khan, Inder Kumar.

Director: Vicky Ranawat
Producer: Vicky Ranawat
Music: Anchal Talesara
Main Cast: Malini Kapoor, Alok Nath, Faizal Khan, Inder Kumar.
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Release: Oct 04, 2002

Synopsis: This is the story of happy-go-lucky young collegian Raja, who lives with his father, a retired school-teacher, mother, a housewife, and elder brother, Shankar, a gangster and hit-man for a criminal don named Anna. When Shankar is betrayed by Kaalia Abdul, Anna asks his men to kill Shankar, which they do. Raja abandons his studies, his sweetheart, and go on a mission to find his brother’s killers. Soon he, too, becomes a pawn in Anna, Kaalia Abdul, and Minister Dharmadhikari’s mind games, and is pitted against his former friend and Police Inspector Pratap, and present Police Inspector Sidhant – who has been assigned to bring in Raja – dead or alive.

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