King Uncle 1993 – Comedy & Dramatic Movie | Jackie Shroff, Shah Rukh Khan, Pooja Ruparel.

Director: Rakesh Roshan
Producer: Rakesh Roshan
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Main Cast: Jackie Shroff, Shah Rukh Khan, Pooja Ruparel, Anu Agarwal.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: Feb 05, 1993

Synopsis: Perfect film to watch where you don’t have to do much thinking.You will really like this film… If you can get past your first impressions of Pooja Ruparel …. Munna (orphan girl), you will soon come to love this film. Granted Pooja is a bit over the top in her portrayal, a bit like watching the stage production of Annie, but she does seem to manage to steal your heart in the end, just as she does in the film. She is definitely a cute girl.The film is fun and the relationship between Munni and Ashok and Anil is pure magic.Jackie Shroff plays his role in the second half perfectly, although the first half is a bit over exaggerated and over acted but still enjoyable.The only downside i felt was Fanny’s character that was just a caricature in my opinion and could have been done so much better.The villains were sometimes slightly over dramatic but for the most part believable.The songs were all great especially “Khush Rehne Ki” and the one with Munni and her King Uncle.Just remember, this is an older film from Shah Rukh Khan’s early days in films, so things may seem a bit dated, but you will soon get past that, and come to love the characters and story.A very sweet film overall.

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