Maahir 1996 – Dramatic Movie | Govinda, Hema Malini, Raj Babbar, Ranjeet.

Director: Lawrence D’Souza
Producer: Harish Barot
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast: Govinda, Hema Malini, Raj Babbar, Ranjeet.
Genre: Drama
Release: Jul 26, 1996

Synopsis: Kamini (Hema Malini) is an educated, pretty, and intelligent girl. She falls in love with Amar Rai (Alok Nath), and both get married in a simple temple ceremony. Amar has to go to his family and prepare them to receive Kamini. Soon, Kamini is asked to come by airplane to visit the Rai family. At the airport, Kamini is stopped and searched by the police, who find that she has drugs in her possession. She is arrested, found guilty and sentenced to a long jail term. In prison she gives birth to a boy, Shankar. A kind-hearted police Inspector (Kader Khan) takes Shankar to an orphanage, but unable to withstand the oppression and hunger in the orphanage, Shankar runs away, leaving the Police Inspector to give this bad news to Kamini. When released from prison, Kamini is contacted by J.K. (Raj Babbar), who tells Kamini that he is a victim of the Rai family, and Bob (Ranjeet). J.K. wants her to co-operate with him to extract vengeance. Now Kamini must make a choice, to continue looking for her son or join forces with J.K. and avenge her humiliation.

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