Mai Baap – Hindi Full Movie – Shyama, Balraj Sahni – Bollywood Classics Movies

The visually impaired Chandan (Balraj Sahni) lives in the village of Anandpur. He weaves baskets for a living. He has a neighbour called Kaka (Nasir Husain). Kaka’s daughter Basanti (Shyama) loves Chandan. One day Parker (Johnny Walker) and Bhagwan visit the village. They are lottery ticket sellers and want to sell a Lottery tickets to the vilagers. Nobody buys the ticket which costs around Rupees 7. Chandan decides to buy the ticket with the hard earned money he has saved. A few days later the Lottery strikes gold and Chandan wins more than Four Lakhs. What will happen next in this rags to riches story?

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