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Movie : New Hollywood (हॉलीवुड)2018
Starring : Upendra,Felicity Mason,Ananth NagNarayana
Directed : Dinesh Baboo
Genre : science fiction film
Upendra plays a lovelorn nerd Surendra who can do anything to get Manisha (Felicity Mason) to love him. Desperate to impress her and unable to do so himself, he seeks the help of his maverick scientist professor (Ananth Nag). The professor comes up with a clone of Surendra who will do the bit of impressing Manisha, and once the task is accomplished, the real Surendra will take over.

However, things go berserk after the professor gives Surendra’s clone – an android robot – the ability to think and act like humans. He bestows the clone named US 47 with human discretion and human emotion. The idea of the clone backfires when US 47 starts using his discretion and falls in love with Manisha. Using his robotic strength and human intelligence, and of course the help of a lab monkey (Seenu), US 47 proves to be a formidable enemy to Surendra over Manisha. Now the mad professor, Surendra, his twin brother Upendra and Manisha need to get together to solve the problem.[5] _________________________________________________________________
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