Police Public 1990 – Suspense Movie | Naseeruddin Shah, Raaj Kumar, Poonam Dhillon, A. K. Hangal.

Director: Esmayeel Shroff
Producer: Vijay Mehta
Music: Raam Laxman
Main Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Raaj Kumar, Poonam Dhillon, A. K. Hangal.
Genre: Suspense
Release: May 11, 1990

Synopsis: Inspector Shahnawaz Khan is called in to question some people about the apparel death of a young woman named Karuna Sharma. These people claims that Karuna’s death was due to suicide but at the end of his investigations Shahnawaz was able to prove otherwise resulting in his transfer to another region. The officer replacing him is Mahar Singh Grewal who is on the payroll of the killers and does nothing but closes the case. Karuna’s dad Ram Swarup and sister Usha are not satisfy and appeal to higher officials for justice; the case is then handed down to CBI officer Jagmohan Azaad; an officer known for his down-to-earth method of getting to the bottom of things, will not buckle under any pressure nor accepts any bribe.

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