Policewale ka Tashan (2016) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Puneeth Rajkumar, Nikita

Vamshi ( Puneeth Rajkumar) is a trainee in police academy, who often gets angry in any circumstance. Even for minor causes, he gets angry and this makes him land into trouble.Once after training, while he is about to be transferred to Bangalore for posting, vamshi’s anger and past make him lose his interview. His past reveals that he is the son of a rowdy K.R., who was recently murdered by the other group led by Jeyachandra. His anger, and the link of police and politicians with Jeyachandra (Another rowdy) ends the vamshi’s police interview as a failure.

He gets dejected and being the son of K.R., joins his father’s (K.R’s) rowdy team as its leader, and is helped by another politician to kill jeyachandra and other enemies of K.R. While doing so, he is cast away from his mother (Lakshmi) and lover (Nikita), which he realizes later of their importance and Love and Affection. Finally He changes back to the calm life, whereas his own rowdy team and the politician who helped vamshi in his initial years as rowdy turn against him, because they want vamshi to be in the rowdy business. A fight ensues between the group and vamshi, and finally vamshi emerges as winner. Finally, vamshi takes up job as a teacher, and he, nikita and lakshmi live happily ever after.

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