Priyatama 1978 – Dramatic Movie | Jeetendra, Neetu Singh, Rakesh Roshan, Asrani

Director : Basu Chatterjee
Producer : T.C. Dewan
Genre : Dramatic Movie
Music : Rajesh Roshan
Year : 1978
Cast : Jeetendra, Neetu Singh, Rakesh Roshan, Asrani

Synopsis: Ravi (Jeetendra) and Dolly (Neetu Singh) live in Bombay with their respective best friends, Vicky (Rakesh Roshan) and Renu (Asha Sachdev). The two get married after the concurrence of Dolly’s father, Justice Sinha (superb portrayal by Utpal Dutt). However, their pre-marriage romance is unable to withstand the pressures of matrimony with bliss and harmony giving way to bouts of doubt and misunderstanding, leading to the filing of divorce proceedings through their respective lawyers, Kaantewal (I.S. Johar) and Rustomjee (Asrani).Desperate efforts by Vicky and Renu to prevent the estranged couple from splitting are to no avail. Events take a turn when Justice Sinha visits them ostensibly for treatment of his heart ailment forcing the two to act like normal married couples to avoid causing any distress to him. The retired judge who had landed in Bombay to ensure that the relationship is not broken forever sees through the charade. Whether he succeeds in his endeavor, or whether Ravi and Dolly retrieve their marriage is something worth watching in the film which spans over two hours – an exception considering that other movies during that period were of three-hour duration.

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