Pushpak 1987 – Comedy Movies | Kamal Haasan, K. S. Ramesh, Tinu Anand, Farida Jalal.

Director: Srinivasa Rao Singeetham
Producer: Ravi Kishore
Music: L. Vaidyanathan
Main Cast: Kamal Haasan, K. S. Ramesh, Tinu Anand, Farida Jalal.
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Mandakini Chitra Ltd
Release: 1987

Synopsis: Kamal Hasan is an unemployed graduate who is in search of a job and has no money. One day he finds a very rich man(Sameer Khakhar) by the side of the road drunk. He takes that man to his house, locks him, takes his keys and goes to his hotel “Pushpak”. Now Kamal finds a lot of money in the hotel room and he changes his living style. In the hotel he meets Amla, the daughter of a magician (K.S.Ramesh). They both get attracted towards each other. Meanwhile a killer(Tinu Anand) comes to the hotel with the intention of killing the man in that room. Actually he wants to kill the rich man but he does not see him earlier. So by mistake he tries to kill Kamal. Kamal comes to know this and finds that this is the conspiracy of the rich man’s friend and his wife. He realises the truth and leaves the rich man and comes back to his real and poor life. The rich man comes to know the truth and his family leaves the hotel. Amla gives the address of her house to Kamal but that vanishes and once again the unemployed graduate returns to his original life.

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