Pyar Ke Kabil 1987 – Dramatic Movie | Govinda, Rishi Kapoor, Utpal Dutta, Padmini Kolhapure.

Director: Anil Ganguly
Producer: Suresh Grover
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast: Govinda, Rishi Kapoor, Utpal Dutta, Padmini Kolhapure.
Genre: Drama
Release: Feb 21, 1987

Synopsis: Amar is a good singer and dancer, but he can’t find a good job. So he sings on the roads. His dance is noticed by a hotel owner’s daughter and she employs Amar in the hotel. He falls in love with her and gets married to her. However, a series of misunderstandings create a rift between the couple, in which the mother-in-law is also involved. So Amar and his wife break up, each with one twin daughter.Later, the twins, Kiran and Jyoti, meet each other in a picnic, both are identical. They soon become friends after a fight and make a plan to make their parents come together. So they study each other’s behaviour and act like the other. Their dance teacher wants to get married to Amar and get all his money and property. The twins try their best to get their parents to re – unite. Finally the whole family comes to know the truth. However, Kiran and Jyoti get kidnapped by Kalidas at Vaishno temple. Will they be rescued? Will the children succeed in bringing their parents together again?

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