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The story is about Sophie (Tanushree Dutta) and how she tricks two men to fall in love with her through her charms. Sophie is in love with Sunny (Jimmy Shergill) and, to improve their lifestyle, she starts conning men into falling in love with her. Then she murders them and steals all their money. However, Sunny does not know that Sophie is planning to take all the money and frame him for the murders.

The first victim, Remo (Rahul Khanna), is a multi-millionaire simpleton who truly loves Sophie. However, she has him brutally murdered by Sunny, who she is also planning to murder soon. When Remo’s childhood friend, Siddharth (Sharman Joshi), finds out that Sophie had him murdered, he plans for revenge. The climax has an unexpected twist of revenge.

Siddharth planned the whole scheme with Sophie for murdering Remo and framing Sunny for it and taking Remo’s money and fortune. He is shown as the villain as he was the step-brother of Remo, whose father disowned him due to which his mother lost her mental balance and was undergoing treatment in an asylum. A number of fight scenes follow between Sunny and Remo and Sunny and Siddharth. The unexpected twist is that Remo isn’t dead and is well aware of all that was happening and faked his death to find the culprit. A final lengthy fight takes place in the end in which Remo defeats Siddharth who accidentally kills himself as well as Sophie. Sunny is released and he befriends Remo while Remo pays donation to the asylum where Siddharth’s mother is being treated.

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