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Kalicharan (Rajinikanth) lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother. He falls in love with a girl called Sumathi (Sheeba Akashdeep), but because of his poor background Suman’s wealthy father, Mukesh (Nagesh), is not ready to accept him. Kalicharan also gets into hot water with Mukesh as he opposes his men who were planning to demolish some huts. Mukesh and his partner (Jaiganesh) devise a plan to kill Kalicharan by tricking him into believing that he was going to marry him to Suman. The plan works and they eventually succeed in killing him. Kalicharan’s spirit goes to the underworld and meets the Lord of Death himself, Yamadharma Raja (Vinu Chakravarthy). Kalicharan explains Yama the whole ordeal and that his death was a mistake, so Yama transports him back to an identical body of a mild-mannered villager, Balwant Balu, whose life is threatened by his paternal uncle and aunt, who are trying to kill him.

Reborn as Balu, he soon adapts to his new life, along with his new widowed mother and a sweetheart, Gauri (Kanaka). He also sets out to teach his uncle, Kashiram, aunt and cousin (Chinni Jayanth) a lesson for their ill treatment to him and his (new) mother. Life goes on and he has no memories of his old life until one day Mukesh, who was an old friend of Kashiram, comes to visit them. Seeing him, Balu remembers his previous life and immediately goes to his previous place, where he finds Mukesh’s goons attacking the area. Upon seeing him alive, they all are astounded and flee from the place. He then explains to his biological mother and Suman the whole story of how he was killed and reincarnated. Meanwhile, Gauri comes searching for Balu to Chennai and hilarity ensues as Balu/Kalicharan struggles to manage both lovers. Balu, with help of Vichitra Gupta (Cho Ramaswamy), plans his revenge on Mukesh and his partner, by outdoing him in wealth, and humiliate them. But when Balu’s relatives also arrive to Chennai, the whole confusion is revealed and Mukesh captures both the families of Kalicharan and Balu, and tries to kill him. But Balu/Kalicharan thwarts his plans and ultimately succeed in his revenge.

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