Sajan Ki Saheli – Hindi Full Movie – Rajendra Kumar – Rekha – Nutan – Vinod Mehra – Bollywood Movie

Young and attractive Kunti falls in love with Anil. One day they get intimate which ends in Kunti getting pregnant. Kunti finds out that Anil comes from a poor family, and rejects to marry him. Unable to bear this truth Anil commits suicide. Kunti is unable to abort the child, as it is illegal at that time, so she runs away from her house, with a close friend, Chanda, and gives birth to a baby girl, who she leaves in Chanda’s care. Kunti gets married to a rich man but fails to have a family. This story takes a sharp turn when Kunti discovers that her husband has an extra marital affair which he admits. How will Kunti sort her messy life?

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