Shaitani Ilaka 1990 – Horror,Suspense Movie| Deepak Parasher, Neelam Mehra

Director:Kiran Ramsay
Producer:Reshma Ramsay
Music:Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast:Deepak Parasher, Neelam Mehra..
Release:Apr 13, 1990

Synopsis: A grotesque brougham stops in a dark forest and its cowled driver, Lalbai the sorceress, beckons to the bewitched passenger, a newlywed bride. Lalbai leads the bride to the Shaitani Ilaaka (devil’s domain), where she is roused from her spell. The bride is sacrificed, screaming and kicking, at the altar of her aka Shaitan, an ancient and fearsome demon. Years ago, he roamed free and indiscriminately terrorized the local townsfolk. But he was ultimately defeated, reduced to a formless soul, and held, by a magic charm, to remain imprisoned forever within the Shaitani Ilaaka. Lalbai brings him a fresh bride every Amavasya night. Shaitan consumes the blood of this bride, and grows stronger with each offering, until he can break the charm, restore all his evil powers and ravage the world again.A few years later, Anju grows up into a beautiful young lass and is in the final year of her university. Roma notices her girl in love with a decent guy Deepak. He is the only son of an industrialist and is a well-cultured young man. Deepak gets to know of Anju’s problem and contacts a tantrik through his parents. The tantrik is none other that yogi baba, dr. Yograj’s guru from Tibet. He visits the thakur palace and instantly spots the root of the problem. He asks deepak to remove Anju from there and take her to the famous Pavankhind mandir beyond a mountainous region in the city. He also insists that they leave during the bramhakaal, during which all evil beings are powerless. It lasts for 9 minutes at the break of dawn. All friends come together and hiring a bus, help Anju to wear the bramhakaal taaveez, which tantrik baba himself has purified with the most powerful prayers. Baba warns Anju that she should never in any way, remove the taaveez from her neck. Roma leads the kids outside. But Shalaka arrives just then and is outraged at Anju’s removal. She steps way out of line and demands to know Anju’s whereabouts. Roma refuses and puts her in her place, whereupon Shalaka transforms into a hideous witch, Lalbai, and reveals she has served Shaitan for ages, and when Thakur’s ancestors used various magic incantations to defeat Shaitan, she infiltrated Thakur’s household as a governess. She hopes to use Anju, the living descendant of Shaitan’s enemies, as the final sacrifice to liberate Shaitan. Roma is shocked to find her maid in such a ferocious form and shoots her with a gun. But Lalbai, who is already a possessing evil spirit, pounces on Thakurain and murders her brutally.Deepak and Anju are just crossing the backyard when Lalbai again comes there and tries to stop them. She tells them her real identity and attacks Anju, who falls in the swimming pool. Deepak tries to free her and gets wounded. Just then baba arrives there and imprisons Lalbai, helping them to escape.Once the devil even kidnaps Anju on her wedding night as she is bathing, and Lalbai wounds her with a metal pole. Shaitaan gets some of Anju’s blood. As Deepak and friends reach there and rescue Anju, they even realise that for now thanks to Lalbai, Shaitaan has become strong enough to be able to leave his lair for a short time. Shaitaan even tracks them down to the stone fortress and attacks the girls there, but is unable to harm them as baba again saves them in the nick of time.Kanwaljit, whose only sister also became one of Lalbai’s sacrifice victims, helps them in all ways, but is later killed by Lalbai. People surround the mandir and after taking Anju hostage, tie her to a pillar, to be used as bait for Shaitan. As the growling Shaitan gleefully steps up to exact his vengeance, Deepak breaks free and attacks Shaitan. Shaitan fends him off with a powerful blow that pitches Deepak away. Deepak snatches a trishul (holy trident of Kali), which he finds at the altar. He discovers it repels Shaitan, and ultimately drives it into Shaitan. The powers of Kali, channeled through the trishul, destroy Shaitan and bury him deep into the ground forever. The entire village is relieved by the devil’s destruction and is blessed with Matarani’s power for ever.

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