Shaque 1976 – Dramatic Movie | Vinod Khanna, Shabana Azmi, Bindu.

Director: Aruna Vikas
Producer: N. B. Kamat
Music: P. B. Agha, Vasant Desai
Main Cast: Vinod Khanna, Shabana Azmi, Durga Khote, Bindu.
Genre: Drama
Release: 1976

Synopsis: Vinod Joshi (Vinod Khanna) and his wife Meena Joshi (Shabana Azmi) are living happily with their son Mithu (Atul) in Alibaugh. He would like to improve upon their lifestyle and ensure that his family can enjoy a good life. One day in Vinod’s office one incident occurs. He returns home covered with blood and tells Meena that there was a murder of an employee, Kale at his workplace. A large amount of money was stolen. The police are called in to investigate, and as a result a fellow-employee, by the name of Subramaniam (Arvind Deshpande) is arrested and sentenced to jail. In court Vinod identified the murderer. Then Joshi family gets wealthy all of a sudden, and move to a different and more spacious location, and start enjoying their lives to the fullest…just as in Vinod’s dream. Meena received a letter, saying, that Vinod killed Kale and took all the money. She goes to meet Maan Singh (Utpal Dutt), who has been telling people that Vinod stole the money, and also killed Kale in the process. He tells Meena, that he and Vinod committed the crime together. Then Meena tries to commit suicide, but she was rescued by Vinod. Soon Vinod heard her story. What will Vinod do after hearing the story? In the mean time, Maan Singh’s girlfriend, Rosita (Bindu), is killed. The police find Vinod’s fingerprints. Vinod and Meena run, with the police chasing them. How long will Vinod continue to elude the police? Is Vinod the real killer of Kale and Rosita? Will peace come back to their family?

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