Shriman Shrimati 1982 – Comedy | Sanjeev Kumar, Amol Palekar, Rakesh Roshan, Rakhee.

Director: B. Vijay Reddy
Producer: B. Nagi Reddy
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Main Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Amol Palekar, Rakesh Roshan, Rakhee.
Genre: Comedy
Release: Mar 05, 1982

Synopsis: A newly wed couple (Rakesh Roshan and Deepti Naval) is on the brink of a relationship crisis because the man discovers that his wife is not the hep, modern type of girl he wanted. On the other hand, another couple (Amol Palekar and Sarika) is on the verge of break-up when he finds that his wife is not the simple, home-loving girl he wanted! The two couples are friends and into their lives comes a mysterious duo – Mr Shriman (Sanjeev Kumar) and Mrs Shrimati (Raakhee). They are a rich and wealthy couple, who are appalled at the problems of the world, especially in households, so they decide to try and make things right – one household at a time. The couple gains entry into the houses of the two couples and use some very peculiar tactics to get them to fix their problems. The twist in the tale appears when secrets about the Good Samaritan couple’s own past are revealed.

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