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Waah Tera Kya Kehna Full Movie – Govinda | Raveena Tandon | Bollywood Comedy Movies

Wealthy Kishan Oberoi (Shammi Kapoor) has two sons: Dilip (Shakti Kapoor) and Ashish (Rana Jung Bahadur). He does not trust them and is overly devoted to his grandson Raj (Govinda), who reciprocates his favoritism.

One day following an accident Raj becomes brain damaged, and the two brothers begin an evil conspiracy which involves murdering their father and disinheriting their disabled nephew who mysteriously disappears. A look-alike to Raj, Banne Khan (also played by Govinda) is posed in his place and his wife, Salma Khan (Raveena Tandon), poses as his nurse, as they attempt to gain financially at the expense of the Oberoi family. In the end, it is revealed that Banne and Salma are police officers who learned of Dilip and Ashish’s plans from Raj. When Raj had his accident, he met Banne who saved him and Banne posed as him. As a result, he plays hilarious tricks on members of the family who are part of the conspiracy.

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