Zalzala 1988 – Action Movie | Dharmendra, Anita Raaj, Bhagwan, Rajiv Kapoor.

Director: Harish Shah
Producer: Vinod Shah
Music: Bappi Lahiri, R. D. Burman
Main Cast: Dharmendra, Anita Raaj, Bhagwan, Rajiv Kapoor.
Genre: Action
Release: May 13, 1988

Synopsis: Shera (Puneet Issar) lives in rural India and has come to know about a temple made of pure gold centuries ago, and would like to question the only man alive who knows the location of this temple, none other than an aged Poojari(sudhir dalvi). But this Poojari refuses to give any information, and even burns the only map in existence. Shera keeps him prisoner, and tortures him. What Shera does not know that the Poojari has already passed on the information to former Police Inspector Shiv Kumar (Dharmendra) who is on his way to secure it as well as avenge the murder of his wife, Radha (Rati agnihotri); also heading for the temple are a bounty hunter who calls himself “Benaam” and Shankar (shatrughan sinha); a runaway bride, Paro (Vijeta pandit), and her lover, Bholey (Rajiv kapoor); “Three bandit brothers, Sona Singh, Moti, and Heera are also on their way to this temple, and they will do away with anyone who dares to stand in their way. All of them know that no one may survive in their quest for the gold as legend has it whenever anyone comes to loot the temple – will perish in a massive earthquake.

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