Zameen Ke Neeche1999 – Horror | Kirti Shetty, Sokail Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi.

Director: Willly Movies
Producer: Willy
Music: Navin Kantharia
Main Cast: Kirti Shetty, Sokail Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi.
Genre: Horror
Release: 1999

Synopsis: Vikram Singh is the son of a driver who had served Raj’s family. Raj is the only heir to the house, Vikram Singh treats Raj as younger brother but Raj has bad friends of which Vikram Singh always objects Vikram Singh’s friend an N.R.I. sends his daughter Pinky to India to study Indian culture, Raj takes opportunity of absence of Vikram Singh who is out of Mumbai and takes Pinkey and his friends to farm house for Picnic. Here Raj falls in love and proposes for marriage the friends get jealose and hit Raj and rapes and kills Pinkey, the friends blackmail Raj with this fright Raj is trapped and helps them to bury the body of Pinky in “Zameen Ke Neeche” now the horror voices of Pinkey’s play’s and all of them are scared. They try to leave the farm house but one of thier friend Sachin is murdered. They all are shocked but get rid of his body, but a strange man is fallowing them, Raj reches home and tells the story to Vikram Singh who is very angery but their is no way out but save his younger brother. Inspector Jabbar is appointed to invistagate this case. Raj gets bad dreams and voices of Pinkey playing on him so Vikram Singh decides for his marriage and to leave the country and settle down in London wher he can be safe, Raj gets married to Suman and they leave for airport on the say they are being obstrected by drums on road. Raj is trapped and traied to be killed by Suman who flies with the car and is being attacked by a man but Raj escapes the bullet and is saved by Inspector Jabbar. Raj is suprised to know that the man in disguise is now other than his brother Vikram Singh who confecess to the police about Raj’s friends being killed and innocent Pinkey’s murder and Suman’s being his plan.

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